Why Sugar Daddy is Rich

We know that sugar dating relationship is a beneficial relationship which based on money and sex. Sugar daddies pay money on sugar babies in return, sugar babies try their best to pleased sugar daddies. Generally, sugar daddies like to hook up young girls and in return they will give luxuries or money to retain their beneficial relationship. That is why sugar daddies are always rich men. Sugar daddies need money to continue this special relationship between him and his sugar baby. Sugar dating relationship based on mutually arrangement. Sugar daddies must give money to continue this relationship with sugar baby. Sugar babies always seek sugar daddies for financial assistance and money. Sugar daddy must have money, if a man don't have money but hook up with a young lady, he is not her sugar daddy.

A young woman who choose to be a sugar baby always needs money to support her financial assistance or other needs of money. So they dress up and make up to arise sugar daddies’ interest to fulfill their needs. If a sugar daddy doesn’t have money, he can’t be a target to young women and even can’t called “sugar daddy”.

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